DVS Shoe Company Signs Daewon Song Under New Ownership

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Aug 7, 2012

DVS Shoe Company Signs Daewon Song Under New Ownership

DVS Shoe Company Signs Daewon Song Under New Ownership

LOS ANGELES, August 7, 2012 - DVS Shoe Company, a heritage skate shoe company founded in 1995, is known for its great style, technical features and input from some of the best action sports athletes in the world. Recently acquired by Sequential Brands Group, Inc., a licensing and branding company, the DVS brand is poised to reclaim its focus and commitment to sponsoring the best athletes, events and retail stores worldwide.

At the launch of the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach last week, DVS was pleased to announce to retail partners, consumers and fans at the show that it was continuing its partnership with its iconic skate athlete Daewon Song.

"It is critically important to us that the authenticity and integrity of the DVS brand remain in tact. By moving forward with Daewon, a legend in the skate arena, DVS is remaining true to its heritage," says Colin Dyne, CEO of Sequential Brands Group. "We are in the process of re-signing the most elite and promising athletes who have a history with the DVS brand, and look forward to announcing those partnerships as well very soon.

"As one of the premier skateboarders of the last generation, Daewon Song is a key part of the DVS brand strategy to recommit to its skateboarding heritage. A partner with DVS since 1997, Song has designed and tested 12 signature shoes with the company, with the Daewon 13 being introduced for the Spring 2013 collection, which was showcased at the trade show last week.

"DVS has been family since 1997 and has always had my back 100% and I will always have their's, 100%!!! Re-signing wasn't even a question! Just needed to make sure the damn pen worked!" says Song. He has signed on for an additional three years with the company."

About Daewon Song
Daewon was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in the Southern California city of Gardena. Daewon's creativity emerged early and by grade school he was being recognized for his artistic abilities; winning drawing contests and doing commercial art work before discovering skateboarding at the age of thirteen. Skateboarding quickly proved to be the perfect vehicle for Daewon's athleticism and creative vision. By sixteen, he had turned pro. Long recognized for his incredible technical ability and finesse, Daewon also came into the professional skateboarding at the dawn of the video revolution. With his smooth, almost effortless approach to skating and a non-stop progression of tricks, Daewon has delivered over 20 enviable video parts. He was also a key figure leading skateboarding's tech revolution. In 2004, he was voted Street Skater Of The Year by TransWorld and in 2005 he won their Video Part of The Year award. In 2006, he was recognized by Thrasher with skateboaring's ultimate award: Skater Of The Year. Daewon is also the co-founder of Almost skateboards with fellow skate legend Rodney Mullen. With twenty years in the streets under his belt, Daewon is just as stoked as ever and continues to progress his skating. Sponsors: DVS Shoe Company, Matix Clothing, Almost Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Tensor Trucks, Andale Bearings, Glassy Sunglasses, Mob Grip.

About DVS
DVS Shoe Company is driven from the pursuit of building product that embodies the sports the athletes breathe everyday. With roots deeply embedded in skate, the company has the platform to develop truly technological products that bring the riders personalities to life. With Technology such as Bruise Control™ impact technology, Flex Feel™ ultra light outsole, Cruise Control™ cushioning system and CGT™ cold grip technology. DVS creates premium footwear, apparel and accessories for all sports. DVS has gone beyond making a mark and will continue to push the limits of action sports.

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